The Mission Today

Do you know how mission Santa Cruz is used today? You dont,thats ok I will tell you.Mission Santa Cruz is used today much difrent than before It is just 200 feet from it's original site, however, it's a replica,less than half size ofm the old mission church.Mexico went to war with spain in 1821 and won the land in Alta California.Mexican goverment closed the missions and let the buildings be ruinned.Later U.S.A. went to war with Mexico and C.A. became a state in 1850. Tn the 1880's , California began to rebuild the buildings.They were important to california because they contained many intresting work spaces like workshops,apatio,granary,orchards,church,cemetery,padres quatres,and workers quaters.The missions and forts changes californians economy from hunter-gatherer to agricultiral economy.The spanish brought new illnesses like small pox,California,wich killed many C.A Indians. They also brought Catholicisam, and the spanish language.